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Tool of the Month: Clux meter

Name: Clux meter  Cost and Availability: Check the manufacturers’ websites Intended use A clux meter is used to measure light intensity tailored for poultry vision at the poultry barns. The

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Poultry Production Lighting

Poultry vision system Chickens perceive light through their eyes and their skull (pineal gland and hypothalamus). The retina’s rods and cones detect light, with cones discerning colors and brighter light,

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The Magic of Experiential Learning and Mentorship – Rachelle Foss

Rachelle Foss (nee Davidson) is the Technical Services Supervisor at Maple Leaf Foods Inc.(MLF), a promotion that she accepted in February 2024. Foss joined the company in 2018 as Animal Health and Welfare Technician, moving to Technical Services Lead in 2020. Rachelle oversees a team dedicated to on-farm technical support and service for Alberta broiler and broiler breeder farms. Her position is focused on poultry husbandry, health, and scientific technical transfer. Foss is also experienced in conventional and RWA production and is PAACO certified. Graduating from the U of A in 2015 with a BSc in Biology/Biological Sciences and a minor in Agriculture, Rachelle worked at the U of A Poultry Unit (PRC) as an Animal Technician until 2018.

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The Magic of Experiential Learning and Mentorship – Jerry Emmanuel

Jerry Emmanuel, BSc, MSc, is a Poultry Nutrition Specialist and Feed Sales Consultant with Cargill. He works with three poultry teams in the Western Canada district, consulting with customers to choose the right feed for optimum health and bird performance. Jerry is also highly involved with the Western Poultry Conference (WPC), both as a planning committee member and speaker. He was featured in the 2023 WPC where he presented a case study to attendees.

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