A New Beginning

The Poultry Research Centre, founded in 1986, started when the Government of Alberta closed its poultry research operations. In response, Alberta Chicken Producers, Alberta Hatching Egg Producers, Egg Farmers of Alberta, Alberta Turkey Producers, the Government of Alberta and University of Alberta came together to form the Poultry Research Centre (PRC). In subsequent years, other partners joined the PRC. Similar to the pressures in 1986, recent changes in government and the research funding landscape have fueled a renewed commitment by local and national poultry organizations to work together and build on the strong foundation of the Poultry Research Centre, forging a way forward for poultry research. 2019 marked the final year for the Poultry Research Centre and hatched a new beginning…the Poultry Innovation Partnership (PIP).

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board and Ex Officio board representatives guide the strategic direction of the PIP, and support the various committees and activities. The Advisory Board, ex officio board representatives and committee members will champion the PIP to the wider communities they represent, including industry, government and society.

Released in 2015 by the Poultry Research Centre, this document provides strategic directions for the PRC to 2021 and have been adopted by the Poultry Innovation Partnership.  A review in 2021 indicated that this framework continues to provide direction to PIP’s activities.  In 2023, in collaboration with industry partners, PIP developed the 2023-2028 Research & Extension Strategy.

Report on the activities of the Poultry Research Centre, now the Poultry Innovation Partnership