Alberta Hatching Egg Producers

Partner Since 1986

Established in 1982, the Alberta Hatching Egg Producers are committed to provide the industry with a superior quality product while fostering profitable growth. The AHEP prides itself in fostering confidence in the hatching egg industry through effective communications and by building co-operative relationships with other stakeholders in the poultry industry value chain.

There are currently 28 registered producers in Alberta. 100% of all registered hatching egg farms are family owned and operated. All birds are “free run” (not caged) in large, clean barns. Stocking density policies established by AHEP requires that producers provide a minimum of 1.8 sq. feet per hen. All hatching egg production facilities in Alberta are certified under AHEP’s “On-Farm Food Safety Program”. Participation and compliance in this program is ensured through a system of audits.

Our Vision and Mission

The Alberta Hatching Egg Producers are committed to providing the industry with superior quality eggs while continuing to foster profitable growth.

Advisory Board Representative: Jeff Notenbomer
Alternate Advisory Board Representative: Nancy Robinson
Address: #301, 8925 – 51 Avenue. Edmonton, AB T6E 5J3
Phone: 780-434-8414