2016/21 Strategic framework

The Poultry Innovation Partnership is a partnership of the poultry industry, Government of Alberta and University of Alberta to foster a healthy Canadian poultry enterprise. Excellence in research and innovation, knowledge management, technology transfer and mentoring tomorrow’s poultry professionals are the Centre’s hallmark.

Vision: Excellence in research and learning through partnerships with the entire chain to advance the development of value-added poultry products and production practices.

Strategic direction #1

Develop structures, processes and working relationships that enhance the PIP’s collaborative and inclusive culture and foster shared-ownership and responsibility of its partners and stakeholders.

Outcome Goal #1

The PIP is a larger, high-impact, multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Strategic DIRECTION #2

Develop a sound business model for the PIP that will diversify revenue sources, strategically maintain and enhance facilities, promote productivity and efficiency, and ensure the Centre’s long-term financial security.

Outcome Goal #2

The PIP is a vital and financially secure asset to the Canadian poultry industry and the University of Alberta. Poultry unit and laboratory facilities are well resourced, strategically managed and improved, and well utilized for both research and education.

Strategic DIRECTION #3

Enhance PIP’s capacity to enable and support its researchers to excel in innovative and significant poultry research and knowledge development. 

Outcome Goal #3

PIP researchers generate leading-edge poultry research and knowledge in a working environment that is supportive and respectful

Strategic DIRECTION #4

Work collaboratively with PIP partners to develop an innovative educational program that attracts and prepares students to assume professional leadership in all facets of the poultry enterprise. 

Outcome Goal #4

PIP researchers generate leading-edge poultry research and knowledge in a working environment that is supportive and respectful.

Strategic DIRECTION #5

Position PIP as an important hub in a global network for poultry knowledge management and technology transfer that fosters continuous improvement of Canada’s poultry enterprise.

Outcome Goal #5

The PIP is a recognized global hub for poultry research, knowledge generation and dissemination, and technology transfer that supports Canada’s poultry enterprise to continuously improve.

Strategic DIRECTION #6

Increase public awareness of and connection to the PIP – its mission, programs and accomplishments – and expand its position and reach as a knowledgeable and credible source for poultry-related information.

Outcome Goal #6

The PIP is well known and respected in Canada and internationally for its mission, innovative programs and accomplishments and as a credible public  source for poultry-related information. 

Strategic DIRECTION #7

Conserve the diversity of Canada’s poultry genetics though the PIP’s Heritage Breeds Program in order to better understand and benchmark the impacts of genetic change.

Outcome Goal #7

The PIP and the University of Alberta helps to conserve Canada’s diverse poultry genetics by maintaining sustainable populations of its existing heritage breeds.