January 5, 2022

Innovation Showcase 1.12 Should I lay, or should I grow? Management of layer and broiler breeder pullets for optimum reproduction.

Although managing growth trajectories via feed restriction programs is key to the success of broiler breeder management, it has not been a focus for layer pullets which are typically fed ad libitum. Recent research suggests that in fact, sexual maturation is intimately linked to and controlled at least in part by body weight, body condition, and feeding level in both broiler breeders and layers. Furthermore, as new data show that body composition rather than weight is key to manage the entry in lay, nutritional intervention and new guidelines may need to be implemented to optimize production. Dr. Grégoy Bédécarrats (University of Guelph) and Dr. Martin Zuidhof (University of Alberta) discuss results from their collaborative research and the implications for managing both layers and broiler breeders.

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