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Yes. Your application will be reviewed at the next published Call for Application deadline, regardless of when you submit it.

Yes, there will be quarterly calls for application and the dates will be published and advertised on our website. Sign up to be notified here.

Yes. To have access to PIP funds, researchers must be working with a PIP partner. This applies to any researchers, regardless of their location, as long as they can be associated with a collaborator that is a PIP partner.

No. Funds are available for other projects that align with PIP Strategic Initiatives, such as education, mentorship and tech transfer.

No. Poultry Unit Technicians are supported by PIP funds, regardless of the outcome of funding applications.

No. The Poultry Unit Technicians will report to the PIP PI.

The technicians will report to the PIP PI (Martin Zuidhof) and work load can be assessed. The base level of work will not change that much, regardless of projects. If necessary, additional workers can be hired by the Project PI as a separate budget item. Note that cash can also be part of the PIP award, but the amount available is limited. 

Possibly. The funds will be available on a first-come first-served basis. However, if there are multiple applications, it is unlikely that the Leveraging Committee would choose to put all of their funds into one project.

There will be an increase in your budget. This is an essential expense that has often not been identified in previous budgets. Supporting the technicians through PIP demonstrates industry support of your project.

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You may also check the calendar on our website for Application dates and deadlines.

The U of A Research Services Office and U of A Finance have rigorous oversight and all standard U of A financial practices apply. It depends on who the Project PI is – if it is a U of A Faculty member, they will have a speed code for payment using standard U of A financial practices for payment. A non U of A PI must submit an invoice to the U of A for eligible expenses (approved by PIP PI.)


The limit is set out in the PIP Budget.

No. Research projects will have the same priority as all other duties for the technician’s time. Facility preparation, feeding and monitoring animals, set up and monitoring of data are all priority activities for the technician’s time. The Project PI is expected to apply for all the usual technician support that is beyond the base support for research already provided by the PIP technicians.

Correct. The majority of what is leverageable is the technician costs. There is some money for strategic initiatives that would be available for anyone, but research has to be done at the U of A. Exceptions might include using the instrumentation technician  off campus, but this would be rare. Essentially the funds are for PIP paid technicians at the U of A.

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