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"Together we are stronger, together we are smarter, together we are more efficient."
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The 2020/21 Poultry Innovation Partnership Annual Report is organized by the seven strategic outcomes of the Poultry Research Centre Strategic Framework (2016-2021).  A full copy of the report can be downloaded here. 

2022/2023 Poultry Innovation Partnership Report

2021/2022 Poultry Innovation Partnership Report

2019/2020 Poultry Research Centre Annual Report

Past annual reports of the Poultry Research Centre are can be found here.

Vision: Excellence in research and learning through partnerships with the entire chain to advance the development of value-added poultry products and production practices.


MissionThe Poultry Research Centre is a partnership of the poultry industry, Government of Alberta and University of Alberta to foster a healthy Canadian poultry enterprise. Excellence in research and innovation, knowledge management, technology transfer and mentoring tomorrow’s poultry professionals are the Centre’s hallmark.