2020/21 Annual report

"Together we are stronger, together we are smarter, together we are more efficient."
Chair, Poultry Innovation Partnership

The 2020/21 Poultry Innovation Partnership Annual Report is organized by the seven strategic outcomes of the Poultry Research Centre Strategic Framework (2016-2021).  A full copy of the report can be downloaded here. 

2019/20 Poultry Research Centre Annual Report

Past annual reports of the Poultry Research Centre are can be found here.

Vision: Excellence in research and learning through partnerships with the entire chain to advance the development of value-added poultry products and production practices.


MissionThe Poultry Research Centre is a partnership of the poultry industry, Government of Alberta and University of Alberta to foster a healthy Canadian poultry enterprise. Excellence in research and innovation, knowledge management, technology transfer and mentoring tomorrow’s poultry professionals are the Centre’s hallmark.

Message from the Chair

2020 brought us all into a virtual meeting room, we all had to learn quickly how to lead, participate and how to be effective in an online meeting. As PIP is an Alberta wide partnership of stakeholders, this was a great opportunity for us. In it’s previous form PIP was the Poultry Research Center at the University of Alberta. It was known mainly for its research in Edmonton at the UofA. Now PIP is much larger than that Producers, processors, retail, hatcheries, academia, provincial marketing boards, national marketing boards. We have involvement from the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary. We have provincial researchers and federal researchers sitting at the table, the virtual table. Alberta is a
large area spread across different regions. This virtual table gave us all an opportunity to meet more often and still be effective. I believe that in 2020 we were able to lay the solid foundation of the PIP. I believe that this foundation had the input from all our partners. The foundations are laid for PIP to be successful beyond 2021. The foundations are solid. I am excited to see what is coming next around the corner for PIP.

My report last year centered around change. At that time, the change I could see in the rear-view mirror was small compared to the changes that were just around the corner. Today, as I look back I am thankful that, although it has been a winding and bumpy road, what lies ahead looks promising. We can all look back at how we have changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There has been loss both on a personal and professional level and there are silver linings, new ways of doing things, and strengthened resolve.

2020 included a change in employment for myself and Brenda Reimer, PIP tech transfer coordinator. We are now located at the University and learning the new ropes. Technically speaking, we are working from home and have yet to truly settle into our new offices. The move to virtual meetings has opened up new opportunities for PIP to connect with our stakeholders. Check out Brenda’s report on all the exciting changes in communication and tech transfer. PIP’s profile and impact are growing locally, across Canada and the world. 

As we navigated through the detours, our strategic plan has kept us on course. New to this annual report are Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that will help guide PIP’s progress. These indicators are metrics that are important to our stakeholders and will track our progress. PIP is able to advance its mission of fostering a healthy Canadian poultry enterprise by leveraging the strengths, resources, and networks of its partners. Many of the KPI’s point to the shared dedication and contribution from PIP partners such as partner engagement hours, student/industry interaction hours, and the leveraging ratio of industry contributions to support research and strategic goals. 
We closed out the 2020-21 fiscal year with a sizeable surplus in the PIP budget to carry-over into 2021. Some of the carry-over was due to postponed activities related to pandemic restrictions and the largest
change is as a result of government contributions moving from in-kind to cash contributions. These funds are in place to support PIP operations to the end of 2023. To position PIP on the right path for the future, the PIP board has embarked on an organizational review and strategic planning journey.
Strategic leveraging and use of these funds will pave the way to a sustainable future for PIP. To date, each industry dollar is leveraged nearly 14 times. Plans are in the works to continue to grow the value of our partner contributions and strengthen the PIP outcomes.

Change is inevitable and necessary for growth. The rapid change due to Covid-19 and the uncertainty of 2020 caused some stretch marks but PIP is stronger because of it. We will continue to build on our strengths and navigate the future together. As I reflect on 2020, gratitude colours my view. Gratitude for a great team to work with, for a supportive and engaged partnership, and for PIP’s accomplishments despite Covid-19. Looking forward, I am excited that working together with an expanded network in the future will create new opportunities for producers to adopt innovation, for students to learn about the poultry industry and inspire new initiatives for genetic preservation of our heritage lines.

PIP Lead Report

'If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together.'
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