June 2, 2021

Innovation Showcase 1.5 Start with the end in mind: The pullet to laying hen transition

In the March 2021 Poultry Innovation Showcase, the focus was pullet growth and development. Although bone health and calcium reserves are not an immediate concern (assuming proper skeletal development and growth) at this point, we need to keep in mind the long-term implications of management and nutritional decisions during this period. Maintaining an appropriate rate of growth, flock uniformity, and frame (skeletal size) were stressed. Overall, our goals for the pullet during the transition period are to set up the bird for the rigours of a long laying cycle, with a high rate of production. The management practices that will best prepare the bird for success in terms of body protein and energy reserves are also best practices to optimize calcium reserves in the skeleton. Ultimately, we need to think in the long term. What practices will best support the investment we have made in our pullets, so that we can reap the rewards during the production cycle? We must view the pullet as an investment that will produce a substantial return in the laying house, rather than cost burden that must be endured. This webinar will focus on the changing physiology of the bird, and offer practical solutions to feed and manage the flock through this critical stage of life.

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