Matt Oryschak

Matt Oryschak is currently a PhD student in the Poultry Nutrition Group under the supervision of Dr. Doug Korver. Matt previously worked as a Research Associate with the Monogastric Feed Research Group at Alberta Agriculture and Forestry from 2009 until December 2020, when the department ended its direct involvement in agricultural research. During that time he worked closely with Dr. Eduardo Beltranena on developing information on several novel and underutilized feedstuffs for pigs and poultry. He has a particular interest in the relationship between nutrition and the environmental impact of livestock production. This theme featured prominently in his Master’s research in the late 1990’s at the Prairie Swine Centre, and carried over into his first role with Alberta’s provincial agriculture ministry in the early 2000’s with the Environmental Practices Unit. Matt’s dissertation will focus on dietary strategies to reduce the greenhouse gas and ammonia emission intensity of table egg production, which is an outgrowth of work he began while at Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.

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