Process Behavior Chart Excel Workbook

As discussed in the current newsletter issue article, a Process Behavior Chart (PBC) is a control chart that can monitor the variation in your process over time. Here is a […]

Tool of the Month: RH/TEMP Monitoring Data Logger

Name: RH/TEMP Monitoring Data Logger  Cost: around CAD$120  Available at the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon How does it work? Temperature and relative humidity data loggers operate by continuously measuring […]

Instant on-site animal feed analyzer

Name: Instant on-site animal feed analyzer  Cost: From CAD$9200  Available at manufacturers’ websites Intended use The on-site feed analyzer is a portable NIR (Near Infra-Red) analyzer of feed ingredients and […]

Tool of the Month: Feed sieve shaker

Name: Feed sieve shaker Cost: Cost is unavailable for the Aviagen and Hy-Line sieve shakers (pictures shown above). The average price for similar manual feed sieves is about $250 Availability: […]

Tool of the month: Color of Water Checker

Name: Color of Water Checker Cost: CAD$68  Available at: Manufacturers’ websites Intended use The color and appearance of poultry drinking water are essential factors in on-farm observational water tests. Observational […]

Tool of the Month: Water Iron Meter

Name: Water Iron meter Cost: $66  Intended use The Water Iron meter is used to check the Iron level in water.  Iron occurs naturally in water, usually at less than […]

Tool of the Month: Water EC meter

Name: Water EC Meter Cost: $60 to $250  Available at: Amazon and manufacturers’ websites Intended use Water EC meter is used to measure water Electrical Conductivity (EC). Electric conductivity is […]

Tool of the Month: Manometer

Name: Manometer  Cost: $65 to $130 Available at Hardware stores, Amazon, and manufacturers’ websites Intended use A manometer is used to measure differential pressure at the poultry barns. The static […]