A Celebration of Veterinary Talent!

Dr. Teryn Girard, DVM and Tracy Tee, RVT both from Prairie Livestock Veterinarians, have been recognized with 2024 Alberta Veterinary Medicine Association (ABVMA) and Alberta Veterinary Technologist Association (ABVTA) Awards. 

Dr. Girard has won the ABVMA Young Veterinarian of the Year Award for her expertise in poultry medicine and animal welfare, her dedication to education and engagement of new and aspiring veterinarians, and her passion for providing exemplary service to producers. A highly sought after speaker and instructor, community and teamwork are foundational to her career and the joy she feels every day on the job.

Tracy Tee received the ABVTA Registered Veterinary Technologist of the Year Award for her inspirational dedication to animal health and welfare, producer support, and a tireless work ethic that ensures that all tasks are completed to the highest standard. Nominations for this award are supported by testimonials, which were outstanding for Tee.

It is not only highly unusual for two members of the same clinic to win awards in the same year, but this particular duo also work together frequently as a vet/tech team. There is magic in their partnership and collaboration. 

“I’m really excited for both of us and how it feels like we got to do this together,” said Girard. “Success in our careers and our clinic is dependent on how well we have worked together and our shared work ethic.”

This sentiment is echoed by the producers they work with. One commented that he enjoys watching them work together “because they are like two puzzle pieces that respect what the other one has to bring to complete the puzzle.” 

Congratulations to Dr. Girard and Tracy Tee for this great honour and recognition of their achievements, both individually and as a team at the Prairie Livestock Veterinary Clinic. The awards was handed out at the ABVMA Member Recognition Banquet on February 24, 2024. 

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