Resources for Water Management

Water is an essential nutrient! Water quality affects poultry growth, efficiency, and livability and is influenced by microbial level, pH, mineral content, hardness, and organic matter load. See below some resources to help you manage your water!

PIP’s Poultry Water App will be released in Spring 2023.

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PIP Poultry Water App


Water treatment during Avian Influenza outbreak

Assessment and cleaning of water lines in poultry houses

Iron in water can affect bird health!


On-farm water testing tools

Color of Water Checker

Water Iron Meter

Water EC meter

Digital Video Inspection Camera

Water Iron Filter


Innovation Showcase: Make water quality a part of your management culture

Water sampling protocol for water lab test

On farm water test on Poultry farms

Water observational test on poultry farms

Well water Shock Chlorination

Water system maintenance on poultry farms

Water cleaning on poultry farms

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