Introducing AgriShield: Your Comprehensive Risk Assessment and Planning Tool

Name: AgriShield – Risk Assessment and Planning Platform

Cost: $149/year (1-month free trial available)

Available at Farm Management Canada website (Link)

Intended use

AgriShield is a valuable risk assessment and mitigation platform designed for Canadian poultry farmers, created with the support of Farm Management Canada. AgriShield aims to assist farmers with the following actions:

  1. Identify, Assess, and Prioritize Risks: AgriShield helps you pinpoint and understand the potential risks on your farm.
  2. Create a Risk Management Plan: It assists you in developing a risk management strategy for your farm and team.
  3. Access Valuable Resources: AgriShield provides access to a wide range of resources and tools to help you effectively manage risks.

How it functions

The platform covers six major risk categories, including People, Finance, Market, Business Management, Business Environment, and Production, which further break down into 19 specific risk types. These cover various aspects, such as Occupational Health and Safety Personal Well-being, Hired Labour, Family Relations, Contractors and Advisors, Money Management, Investments Sourcing, Selling and Trade, Business Strategy and Development, Technology and Innovation, Transition Planning Operations, Public Trust and Consumer Advocacy, Politics, Policies and Regulations, Environment and Climate Animal Health and Welfare, Nutrient Management, Pest Management, and Soil, Water and Biodiversity Management. For each specific risk situation, AgriShield provides guidelines to evaluate your readiness to address risks and discover areas for enhancement.

Whether you want to conduct a risk assessment or access resources for risk management, AgriShield has you covered. It offers an array of resources, from government programs to industry tools, to help you proactively handle risks. By using AgriShield, you can assess the risks on your poultry farm, create a risk profile to identify priorities and develop an action plan for better risk management.

Using the platform

You can gain full access to AgriShield for a yearly license fee of $149, making it an affordable and indispensable tool for your poultry farming operations. The tool comes with a one-month free trial to allow you time to try it out before purchasing. Click here to start your risk assessment and management journey with AgriShield!

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