2022: A Year in Review


The first ominous presence of avian influenza is reported on January 9, 2022. Two poultry sites in Newfoundland had confirmed outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), an H5NI sub-type that’s been recently circulating in Europe. HPAI hasn’t been detected in Canada since 2015, according to the World Organisation for Animal Health.

The PIP Innovation Showcase 2022 series is launched with Dr. Martin Zuidhof and Dr. Gregoy Bedecarrats discussing ‘Should I lay, or should I grow? Management of layer and broiler breeder pullets for optimum reproduction.’ 

The Freedom Convoy, a series of protests over vaccination mandates and more, take place throughout the country from January 22 – February 23. 

January’s recipe in the PIP newsletter (in case you missed it!) Turkey Pot Pie: get the recipe from Alberta Turkey Producers here.


Egg Farmers of Canada (EFC) announces the release of its National Environmental Sustainability Tool (NEST), an online program that enables egg farmers to measure, monitor and manage the environmental footprint of their own farm.

The February Innovation Showcase presents Dr. Doug Korver and ‘Keeping momentum through the end of the cycle- Persistency.’ This fourth and final Showcase on laying hen management and nutrition covered important aspects of persistency, including hen-day egg production, egg size, eggshell quality, and maintaining sound skeletal structure.

The Western Poultry Conference was originally planned as an in-person event but an upswing in Covid-19 related illness forced a change to virtual. The conference was rescheduled for Feb. 28 and March 2, featuring topics such as Winter Brooding, Making your farm fire-smart, Feed prices, Covid-19 and the Supply Chain and much more. 

U of A student Thiago Noetzold wins the Aviagen Poultry genetics scholarship.

Russia shocked the world on February 24, when it launched an attack on neighbouring Ukraine, sparking a war that continues throughout 2022. 

February’s recipe: Lavender Pavlova with strawberries and smoked honey. Get the recipe from Burnbrae Farms here


24 countries institute temporary import bans of Canadian birds or poultry products. Commercial poultry farms across the country heighten their biosecurity. HPAI is confirmed in multiple wild bird species in North America. 

The Government of Canada announces $3.5 million in funding from the Market Development       Program for the Turkey farmers of Canada and Chicken Farmers of Canada to grow the domestic market.

Innovation Showcase continues with Dr. Val Carney discussing ‘Broiler Genetic Selection through the Decades and the Consequences to Broiler Breeders.’ This presentation marks the beginnings of the path to the Feeding Breeders Summit. 

March’s recipe: One Pot Teriyaki Chicken Zoodles. Get the recipe from Alberta Chicken Producers here.


Since April 6, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has confirmed the presence of avian influenza in seven poultry flocks in Alberta. It was anticipated that there will be continued spread as migratory birds return to the area. An industry-wide red alert biosecurity status was declared by the Alberta Poultry Industry Emergency Management Team (APIEMT) in consultation with the Office of the Chief Provincial Vet. 

Dr. Jeanna Wilson continues the theme of breeders with ‘Feeding Broiler Breeder Males – What we have learned’ in the April Innovation Showcase. 

The 2021 Research Showcase, compiled by PIP team member Thania Moraes is posted April 29, 2022. This showcase is a compilation of U of A poultry research in 2021. 

The Alberta Poultry Industry sets up a farmer resource website to help them with the Avian Influenza (AI) crisis. In addition, the CFIA introduces an Interactive Permit Tool to help farmers cope with the outbreak.

April’s recipe: Elegant roast turkey. Get the recipe from Alberta Turkey Producers here.


Dr. Val Carney is selected as one of the six 2022 Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture. The other five winners include Karen Tanino, Mary Ruth McDonald, Heather Watson, Lisa Mumm and Lana Shaw. 

May’s Innovation Showcase features Dr. Nathan Pellitier discussing ‘Sustainability in the Canadian Egg Industry – Translating Science into Practice.’

HPAI has now been confirmed by the CFIA in at least 24 Alberta premises. Cases include commercial poultry operations, small flocks, and wild birds. Control zones around infected premises have been established by the CFIA.

May’s recipe: Quick one-pot turkey veggie pasta. Get the video instructions here!


AI continues to wreak havoc on farmers with Alberta hardest hit with 900,000 birds culled and 23 farms affected. The EU and 30 countries have restricted Canadian poultry and egg imports. Over 2 million Canadian birds were hit by HPAI but restrictions are slowly being lifted and recovery is currently underway in Ontario and New Brunswick. 

Dr. Doug Inglis is featured in the June Innovation Showcase with ‘Enhancing Chicken Health – Researching biomarkers and developing new tools.’

The Canadian Poultry Research Forum (CPRF) takes place virtually from June 14-16. Presentations from scientists, students and researchers across Canada are shared and the 2022 Hall of Fame inductees are Dr. Frank Robinson and Dr. Richard (Dick) Julian. 

The Feeding Breeders Webinar Series begins on June 30 with special speakers Dr. Val Carney and Dr. Jeanna Wilson, asking the question: How have the changes in broiler genetics affected male and female broiler breeders over the past 60 years? (See a full list of the Feeding Breeders topics in a separate article.). 

Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference takes place June 20, 21 and 22, 2022 in Calgary, AB. 

Poultry Evangelist Dr. Frank Robinson announces his retirement after a legendary 36-year career as educator and mentor at the University of Alberta and beyond. 

June’s recipe: Lemon-blueberry bars. Get the recipe from Egg Farmers of Alberta here.


July Innovation Showcase features Dr. Tina Widowski on ‘Building a better laying hen: how early experience affects behaviour, health and welfare.’ 

AI has finally left the province, much to the relief of industry. Fears of a resurgence with the fall migration are strong, but the poultry community is hopeful that they have survived the worst. 

On July 21, the APIEMT industry-wide red alert biosecurity status is revoked.  

Dr. Teryn Girard, veterinarian with Prairie Livestock Veterinarians, Red Deer AB, is selected as a Canadian Poultry Top Four under Forty Honouree. The other three poultry professionals included David Arand, turkey farmer in Atwood, Ontario, Emma Rutherford, broiler farmer, Woodstock/Embro Ontario and Conrad Vanessen, egg farmer and EFA director from Coaldale, AB. 

The Poultry Science Association announces its 2022 Fellows. Dr. Valerie Carney, PIP Lead, is named, along with Dr. David J. Caldwell, U of Arkansas, Dr. Donald R. McIntyre, North Carolina State University and Dr. Paul H. Patterson, Pennsylvania State University. The status of Fellow is one of the highest distinctions a PSA member can achieve. The election to Fellow recognizes members of the Poultry Science Association for professional distinction and contributions to the field of poultry science and service to the PSA.

Dr. Martin Zuidhof is elected second Vice President of the Poultry Science Association. 

July’s recipe: Two-way chicken wings. Get the recipe from Alberta Chicken Producers here.


The August Innovation Showcase features Dr. Doug Korver on ‘From research trials to field application: alternatives to antibiotics.

Feeding Breeders webinars continue until August 18, 2022.

PIP releases a report on the use of landscape fabric for AI risk mitigation after a trial performed by Dr. Mohammad Afrouziyeh and Thania Moraes. 

The Government of Canada announces that The Canadian Poultry and Egg Processors Council will receive up to $35,750 to update its animal welfare program for hatcheries to meet the requirements of the National Farm Animal Care Council’s Code of Practice for the care and handling of hatching eggs, breeders, chickens and turkeys.

August’s recipe: Turkey skewers with lemon and garlic. Get the recipe from Alberta Turkey here.


Innovation Showcase series continues in September with Dr. Jenny Nicholds discussing ‘The Avian Respiratory System – F3 (Form, Function and Failure!) ‘ 

PIP hosts the second annual Get Set for your Future: Student/Industry Mixer and Networking Event: September 8, 2022. U of A students are invited to dinner and a rural café style event where industry professionals share advice and answer questions as the students rotate from table to table. 

Sadly, as wild ducks and geese begin their fall migration, HPAI is once again hitting Alberta’s bird farmers. According to the CFIA, there are currently 26 farms in Alberta with active infections, significantly more  than any other province.

The outbreaks have led to the culling of more than 1.2 million birds in Alberta alone as of Sept. 27. 

Charles III is officially proclaimed King of Canada after the death of Queen Elizabeth on September 8. 

September’s recipe: Mini Squash Pots. Get the recipe from Egg Farmers of Alberta here


October Innovation Showcase features Dr. Mohammad Afrouziyeh discussing ‘How to Make Water Quality a part of your Management Culture.’ 

SPARK 2.0 takes place in Red Deer, AB on October 17, presented by PIP. Originally scheduled in April but postponed due to AI, the collaborative event was designed to bridge the gap between research projects and industry needs. Presentations from AHEP, EFA, ACP and more showcased on-farm experience and challenges. Researchers then shared a snapshot of their current work and the afternoon continued with smaller groups engaging in discussion. 

Two days later, on October 19, PIP hosts the Feed and Water Flock Talks, also in Red Deer, AB. Each session includes a feed or water specialist sharing a short presentation with small groups of participants who are then able to ask questions and share their own experience. Speakers include Mohammad Afrouziyeh, Art van Zanten, Nancy Fischer, Steve Lacock and Dervan Bryan. 

The soft launch of the Poultry Innovation Partnership Water App takes place at the Feed and Water Talks, presented by Dr. Mohammad Afrouziyeh on October 19, 2022. Participants learned how to use the app and brought information from their own farms to enter into the app to get hands-on experience. The app is currently being prepared for large scale distribution and more announcements will come in 2023.  

As of October 17, the CFIA reported that over 3.1 million birds — mainly chickens, turkeys, and ducks — have died or had to be depopulated due to AI on farms across Canada in 2022. Over 1.3 million of those were located in Alberta.

October’s recipe: Mummy Chicken Tender Wraps. Get the recipe from Alberta Chicken Producers here


Navigating the post-antibiotic era in commercial poultry nutrition’ is the theme for the November Innovation Showcase with expert Dr. Lisa Hodgins.

As of November 3, the data from CFIA reported 203 infected flocks countrywide, affecting 3,632,000 birds. It also reported 1,442 confirmed cases of avian flu in wild birds across Canada, and this is likely an underestimate. 

The U of A Heritage Chicken Program (HCP) opens registration for the 2023 program. The HCP, which is entering its 10th season, invites the public to support rare chicken breeds by paying an adoption fee and in return, they can enjoy a dozen eggs from the heritage hens every two weeks from January to September. 

FCC Young Farmer Summit takes place November 15, 2022, both in-person and virtually. Young producers under 40 can connect to sharpen farm management practices and build connections. 

The governments of Canada and Ontario are investing up to $1.5 million through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) to help eligible non-supply-managed poultry operations and related agri-businesses increase biosecurity efforts to reduce the spread of the highly pathogenic avian influenza.

November’s recipe: Turkey Sushi Roll. Get the recipe from Alberta Turkey Producers here.


Dr. Hollyn Maloney talks about ‘Salmonella: Prevention is Key to Long-Term Management’ for the final installment of the PIP Innovation Showcase in December 2022. 

BC becomes the province with most HPAI cases in December, with 39 compared to 38 in Alberta. Avian flu has overwhelmed BC Wildlife Rescue Centres as people bring in sick birds such as wild geese and crows. 

The estimated number of birds impacted by AI in Alberta as of December 12, 2022, is 1,400,100.

The 2022 Research Showcase, compiled by PIP team member Thania Moraes, is posted December 1, 2022. 

As Christmas approaches, industry, producers, farmers and all in the poultry community hope to see the end of HPAI as the fall migration ends. With lessons learned from the 2022 experience, tools and experience will help with any future outbreaks. 

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PIP wishes all in the poultry community a beautiful holiday season and a Happy New Year! 

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